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The Man Behind The Hammer

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Steve MakosMaster Builder, Master Carpenter, lifelong Grosse Pointer, Steve Makos has over a quarter of a century of construction to his credit in the Pointes. His crews call him a relentless perfectionist. His customers call him back to do more work. His two kids just call him dad.

When he’s not building things, Steve is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys skiing, hunting and fishing. His favorite toys are his tools, his truck and his restored Dodge Challanger.

Asked to describe himself professionally he is unhesitating:

“I am, at heart, a craftsman.”

I take great pride in each of my projects and believe that the only satisfactory approach is to do it right the first time. The Pointes have their own unique architecture. Whether replacing a window or door, adding or renovating a room, doing a complete remodel or building a new home, we respect the character and tradition of where we live. Much of our work is on homes that were built to last. The quality of our workmanship needs to be done in that same tradition — built to last.

Since 1986, Makos Building Co has been helping Pointers enjoy their homes more and improve their family’s quality of life.