Old World Craftsmanship & Today’s Technology

Makos Home TheaterTechnology has now become an integral part of our home and families. Computers, audio/video and the internet have become much more common in today’s modern lifestyle.

Makos Builders has incorporated these and many other home automation products into their services. This combination of master carpenter skills with the latest in home improvement features, provide exactly what you are looking for in your home.

This technology represents the next generation of home automation and will accentuate your family’s comfort, convenience and lifestyle.

The following products represent some of the services and technologies provided by Makos Builders:

  • Wireless & LAN based integration for home automation
  • Color touch pads and tablets for home system controls
  • Whole house networking of computer systems, printers and peripherals
  • Computer controlled automated lighting with time based events
  • Security systems and monitoring cameras with internet access 24/7
  • Home automation, theater and entertainment systems
  • Digital whole house music
  • VOIP phone systems for internet based calling
  • Radiant heat
  • Recirculating plumbing
  • Electric surge protectors