Peace of Mind Policy

At Makos Builders, we know that building a new home or a renovation project can be stressful on our customers. That’s why we’ve developed our Peace of Mind Policy to alleviate the major concerns that you have with your project.


A quality product at a fair price.


Trust is an essential ingredient of the Contractor/Client relationship.


It is important than Clients be empowered with a clear understanding of their management position as well as the details of their project.


Communication and information are the foundation of success.


It is more important to have an honest relationship that does not result in a contract than it is to procure a contract based on a compromise of our integrity.


It is our intention to make a fair and reasonable profit which will assure that our business will endure and that our guarantee of quality will be fulfilled.

Guaranteed Pricing

In order to provide meaningful guaranteed pricing, we work closely with the architect and the client to accurately assess and describe all aspects of the project before submitting a price.

Written Assessment

It is our strongly held belief that all contractors bidding on a project benefit from a precise and highly detailed description of what they are to provide in order to produce the expected result. To this end, we furnish the client with a complete written assessment of the project clarifying any construction details which may be subject to interpretation on the part of the builder.