How We Can Offer Guaranteed Pricing

Guaranteed pricing is a concept that seems to be very high on most contractor’s list of “What, are you nuts?” subjects.

The reality is that there is no more reason for a home owner to have to worry about the final price of a remodeling project than that of a computer or vehicle purchase.

In reality, guaranteed pricing simply means that the specifications for the project are complete, decisions on materials have been made upfront and the contractor and home owner understand and agree on what has to be done.

One reality that must be faced is that most of the unpredictable elements in a remodeling project occur where the new construction interfaces with the existing building. It is often necessary for the general contractor to open holes in walls, call in subcontractors to evaluate options and confirm how this interface will be best achieved.

Should a contractor suggest that this needs to be done, we strongly advise you to agree. It may seem like a lot of trouble, but there is no better way to assure that your price will be accurate.

Don’t feel that this is obligating you in any way to use the contractor for the project, this is his job during the estimating process, to do whatever is necessary to insure an accurate price.

We at MAKOS guarantee our pricing because we do our homework.